How do I use this site?
LOL well
1) Type a movie title in the box
2) Press enter (or click INSTANT, if you like using your mouse)
3) ???
4) Shut up.
It doesn't work, I live in Canada.
sux4u. Also, Netlix's API is currently US only.
Working on it, whenever Netflix decides to work on it.
There's a better website that does this.
Well, continue to use that site; less traffic on our end. Thanks!
Is using the Netflix site really that much of a chore that you guys needed to do this?
I found a bug!
Email us, bro.
That's not what I searched for! Where do these results come from?
The site "autocorrects" your searches based on the search results, which are the same as Netflix would give. If the title you're looking for doesn't come up, it's either not on Netflix or not one of their top 6 results for that search term. Blame them.
You can search simply by going to "http://isitoninstant.com/search term" if you want!
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